You Don't Need a Weatherman

Bob Dylan does the face palm thing.

to know which way this wind blows...




websheriffbdwatch has sent you a message:
Re;Bob Dylan
Who You Gonna Call
Tel +44(0)208-323 8013
Fax +44(0)208-323 8080
Hi *****,
We hope you’re well and, by way of introduction, Web Sheriff represents Columbia Records, Special Rider and Bob Dylan in relation to the administration and protection of their on-line rights.
On behalf of the label and artist, we would kindly ask you not to post original video / audio clips of Dylan — or live concert video / audio clips of Dylan — on YouTube (or any other sites or forums).
We do appreciate that you are a fan of / are promoting Bob Dylan, but the artist and label would again greatly appreciate your co-operation in removing your clip in question. We are writing to you directly, as a fan, in order that your YouTube account does not get suspended or terminated…


it seems there are changes afoot at YouTube, courtesy of the Sony Corporation....


"Sony Music and Bob Dylan are pushing Bob Dylan fan videos off YouYube as we predicted last fall. When the Day of the Locust video was removed from our story Bob Dylan original art and prints Drawn Blank it was just another Dylan video “removed” by YouTube.

A search for “Bob Dylan” on YouTube produced 65,000 videos, down from more than 110,000 in September of 2009. For the most part, the Bob Dylan videos remaining are on official channels like BobDylanTV and VEVO, both of which are owned or controlled by Sony Music."


get the whole story right here...
it's just one of many fascinating articles at the NJN Network.

...and don't forget to check out the comments made by Bob Dylan "fans"- they add up to a course in Music and Marketing in the Digital Era.


...or is that 'Error'.

- 30 -


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