Valuation - a post-script

...part of what bugs me so much about the
whole 'valuation' thing is some articles i've run
into online, where Industry spinners poo-poo
the idea of charging less for downloads.

the spin boys are quick to say that is not going
to happen. it seems you can't cut the price of a download because it would 'devalue' the music.

make it, you know... cheap. common.

like over-pricing something is a sign
of respect, somehow.

perhaps to them it is, but not to me. a buck
is something i earn. it is more real to me than whatever these people are thinking.

one MP3 file more or less doesn't mean very
much to me at all...nor does it matter that much,
i suspect, to a lot of other people.

the fact that the Industry presumes to lecture me about music and value, both monetary and spiritual, infuriates me. 

i've lost count of the number of songs that used to mean something to me that now i don't even want to hear anymore. sometimes, they are songs i've travelled with for decades- songs i "valued" highly.

those songs have no value to me now. i don't remember what they used to mean to me,
or recall the times in my life they'd conjure up.

all those songs do now is annoy me.

when i hear the intro, all they make me think
of is running shoes, electro-gadgets, cleaning products or maybe a TV show.

i don't want to hear those songs anymore. i don't particularly even want to hear those bands much...
too bad for me. there aren't many songs, or even bands one likes for a long time, and thanks to all the whoring in recent years, my list is getting pretty short.

in fact, about the only thing i'm less interested in hearing than those songs is a sermon from some corporate mount about music and values.

it's like whatever, man. it's all about the benjamins. right?


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