Believe Your Own Press Kit #3 - Exsqueeze-me?

“Our digital business is way ahead of other creative industries, with 30 percent of music sales coming from digital channels” Strain said.

i propose, on the contrary, that the Music Industry is actually somewhere in the area of 20 years behind... both other creative industries and behind the people who really care about music.

further, i suggest that digital years are something akin to 'dog years'- ie - given the speed of change in the digital world, the ratio runs about 7 to 1.

given this exchange rate, the Music Industry is actually more than 100 years behind the curve.



Amazon launched in 1995, as an online bookstore and soon diversified to include music, video, software, games furniture, clothing, food and toys, among other things.

If one wanted to buy some music at Amazon, one had only to type in the name of the source to find...

... all the Official releases by one's fave band...

...interesting, well-written reviews both from Amazon and from any number of 'fans'...

...and one could also take a brief listen to the tracks on the record, as well as get recommendations of other related music from people who enjoyed this record.

...all this nearly a decade before iTunes opened for business online.


...all this when it was getting harder and harder to even find a store in one's neighbourhood, or even one's city where one could even buy records...

and if one did find a store, the odds were slim to none that there would be any back catalogue on most bands. there would never be a selection of the different formats or pressings that music had been - or still was - available in elsewhere.

... what was a music lover to do, when they so clearly cared much more about the music than those who 'owned' it?


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