the Presumption of Guilt

if you have ever rented a video from an authorized outlet in your neighbourhood

or purchased one of your favourite movies,
so you can watch it again and again...

...you know these messages very well.

They're the MPAAs way of saying "Thanks".

i can't think of any other industry,
or any other product i've ever bought
that opens with the assumption
that i'm probably a scumbag.

...and every time i want to watch a movie,
there it is again.

"we think you suck"

how many times?
every time.


i've never had a book tell me that...



where did these people ever get the idea
that calling your customers down
was going to help?

if you follow this link,
you'll find a collection of short, sharp films
expressing a variety of opinions
on this...

- 30 -


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