Believe Your Own Press Kit Much?

while wandering the web this winter's eve, i came across a fascinating article over at Exile on moan street about the Music Industry's campaign to shape the digital future of the planet.

one of a number of voices featured in this special report is Mr. Adrian Strain, who is the Director of Communications for the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)*.

according to the IFPI:

The music industry is responding to the digital environment in three basic ways: licensing repertoire in new ways that respond to what the consumer wants, public education to explain copyright laws and highlight legal services, and copyright enforcement to protect our rights...” .


New business models the music industry has developed during the past few years include new subscription models and access to digital music that is free for consumers, Strain said.

...but wait!...

“Our digital business is way ahead of other creative industries, with 30 percent of music sales coming from digital channels,” Strain said. “But none of this commercial activity and innovation can succeed unless there is proper protection of music rights and effective intellectual property enforcement.”



Mr. Strain is a credible source, probably to the tune of
six figures in Euros and per diems to die for. if the organization felt he wasn't representing them accurately and effectively, they'd get a new one.


which is exactly why what he says is so disturbing.

if this the view from the board room, then what we have here is not simply a failure to communicate...

what we have here is a problem,





Believe Your Own Press Kit Much?
part 2 is coming soon!


the original inspiration is here:


* the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry
The IFPI is - depending on one's perspective - the global version of the Recording Industry Association of America or it's off-shore subsidiary.

if you're interested in issues like music downloading, "piracy" and the agenda of trans-national entertainment corporations, you really owe yourself a visit.

don't forget to download some of their reports and other docs for future reading.


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