Believe Your Own Press Kit #4 - the Killer App!

“Our digital business is way ahead of other creative industries, with 30 percent of music sales coming from digital channels” Strain said.

further to the theme of "sorry, but this is complete and total bullshit", we present.....


like Amazon, eBay launched in 1995 as an online auction site and became one of the few enduring (surviving?) successes of the great dot-com bubble.

one of the bajillion categories of stuff one can purchase on eBay is pre-recorded music. let's say one is, like me, a fan of the musical group known as 'The Band'. what music by The Band could one find on eBay?

...and even a frickin' 8 track.


but wait, as they say, there's more...

a Fillmore postcard

a vintage Tshirt

an old tour poster

a magazine with an article about The Band

... old ticket stubs!


anyone who has ever gone to a record store, or tried the 'official' legal music dispensaries online can tell you that virtually none of these versions of the music by The Band are available from the Industry.

this alone speaks long and loudly to decline of the Industry and just how far behind the curve it actually is. 

what it really screams out, though, is the Industry's profound lack of understanding of people who truly love music.

this is not a new thing by any means- it has been there all along, and certainly long before the rise of the internet.

what the internet has done is to make is very, very clear how profound that lack of understanding is... and how more than a digital decade the later, the Industry has not advanced its understanding in the slightest.

to the contrary, it has done nothing more than turtle up- closed it's eyes to the writing on the wall, and its ears to the sound of the street.

it's only response has been to cry like a bitchy little baby... 

and to piss money - calling down the very people they want to buy 'their music' as selfish, immoral assholes...

...and rather than adapt their own antiquarian, industrial way of doing business, they want the realities of internet, and the whole digital marketplace changed to suit their 'needs'.

meanwhile, the world just keeps moving on- with or without it, and mostly without it, every hour of every day...

how far out of the loop are they?

...they are so far out they don't even seem to know there is one.


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