Music Pirates - an Ancient Enemy

Many people think music pirates were created by a singularity during the late 90s... a terrible convergence of the Internet, affordable personal computers and advances in sport beverage technology.

Unfortunately, for so many innocent and deserving servants of the Muse, this is not so....

despite the best efforts of merchants, Church and State, there were always "music lovers" whose need for a musical 'fix' blinded them to the terrible price of their 'free' song....

ong before the personal computer and the Internet, code was a tool that pirates could use to great effect in eluding their rightful responsibilities...

This line of code was found in a tunnel behind a false wall in a latrine at a brothel in Marseille. The writer has promised the soul of their first-born child if the Fallen Angel can will fill every night and every day with 'free' music.

Here, in Lemonique's immortal Robbery of the Opening Act, the another Artist is laid low by a music pirate intent upon possessing her only copy of the words to her new song, oblivious to the distress of the Artist and the baby cow, seen behind the pirate.

Such scenes were all-too-common before the rise of modern performance rights organizations...



Well, you know that's just like... your opinion, man.

"Retarded artistically. Idiotic in other respects."

Teacher's assessment of 12-year-old Keith Moon,
Alperton Secondary School, Wembley, 1958