Artists should be paid for their work?

"Artists should be paid
for their work."

it's a self-evident truth - hard-core
catechism in copyright conversations

...a consensus-builder so true
it conjures
a moral high ground
and occupies that contested terrain
in just 
7 words.

nice one.


"Artists should be paid for their work".

beauty. it even sounds like
it means something.


not surprisingly, lots of Artists
eat this up with a spoon.
many can and will regurgitate
it at the drop of a hint.


for the Industry, it's a talking point,
sound byte, core message, mission
statement, free beard and a license to spin...

an injection of credibility,
that comes complete with a congregation
happy to "amen" as required.




"Artists should be paid
for their work."

some might say this is a
sad cliche,
a Commandment wanna-be that's
just a Hallmark moment. 
useless, yet smug.

...be that as it may, Artists are suffering
in the pursuance of their respective Muses every day, and every night. 

math must be done. eyes must be crossed. t's need be dotted.

there won't be any cheques
in the proverbial mail 
until somebody answers
the musical question:

"how much is that doggie
in the window?"




"Artists should be paid
for their work".

Sure. Fine. Great.

Let's do it:

How much?


Who's holding the money?

Who's signing the cheques?


What's 'work'?


What's an 'artist'?



"Artists should be paid
for their work."

right on.
no question.

So should Moms

and the children who grow up
and look after their Moms.

So should veterans.

So should their widows.

luckily for the Music Industry,
the line forms of the right.

- tbc -


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