if you love music, the chances are
that this monopoly has had an impact
on your life, primarily by picking
your pocket. 

but are they the WORST company
in America?

Ticket Master:
Thief Extraordinaire
Robs People Blind

When all is said and done,
your $60 Barenaked Ladies ticket
is now $90. 

That’s right, $30 in service fees.

over at The Consumerist,
they're having their annual competition
to find the worst company in America.
In Round One of WCIA 2011,
Ticketmaster slaughtered PayPal,
with nearly 80% of the vote.

Could the fee fiend be gunning
for a second year in the Worst Company
championship death match?
Meanwhile Sony showed renewed
strength in its victory over Dell.
Does the underdog have what it takes
to pull off an upset of this magnitude,
or is Sony just more fodder for
the Ticketmaster mill?

Is TicketMaster the worst company
in America?

Find out more at
The Consumerist!

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