meanwhile, back in der Bunker

...my first reaction when i come across
       a story like this is...





my second reaction is
"must read story now".

BMI the airline

my third reaction is to go:





BMI   clearly NOT a rights
management company

and my fourth, of course,
is to post it here:

BMI   also clearly NOT a rights
management company

BMI Says A Single Person Listening To His Own Music Via The Cloud Is A Public Performance

from the looking-to-the-sky-and-seeing-unlicensed-clouds dept

There's no time like late on a Friday to send out disturbing missives. Companies who need to let staff go often find it easier to let the week "play out" before handing out the pink slips. Congressmen who need to shove through some questionable legislation often wait until the papers have gone to bed, or at least a majority of the voting citizens.

Martin Berenson, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for BMI has decided there's no time like Friday evening to kick out an editorial about streaming music via the "cloud."

BMI  remember the name!

can you beat that with a stick?

more fun than watching a mammoth drown in the La Brea tar pits,
back in the day, kids!

seriously though, these people
walk among us.

the truth is out there.

spread the word.

don't take my word for it...
click here to ask Sex Pistols


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