I, Downloader 4 - People's exhibit A

i'm not telling you all this to pass for cool. i'm not. on a good day, i'm more honest than i was the day before. the only difference between me now and then is now i really don't care.

my entry-level geeking skills or music cred are not going to impress girls, or even many guys. in the grand scheme, i am as far from being a serious Stones freak as Voyager 1 is from your sewer outflow pipe.

but there are people out there...



i'm just laying out people's exhibit A. me.

the only way i can talk about music is honestly. if i have a heart, it's only because music kept it fed and watered. if there's a reason i still believe human beings are worth more than a bucket of warm spit, it's music.


i don't think it's sacred, but i do think it's how we connect with our creator, each other... and ourselves.

it's not product or a unit, or anything with a bullet, and it is sure as hell not anybody's 'precious'.

it's a river, not a resource. it's not a line item, and it's not just luck.

every people/tribe/ nation/community makes music, and many still do. music is not now - nor has it ever been - all about a professional situation.

it's something musicians and listeners have been working on together for several thousand years. maybe that's why ancient music still carries so much power.

the people making the music were connected to the people listening to the music. they were coming together with a common desire. everybody involved wanted to get off.


some people seem mystified as to why live music still sells while CD sales are falling all the time.
most people know the best music is live and direct. when everyone hears the same note at the same time, we're connected.  we transcend ourselves.
why is it that some people don't get it?

why can't they see the 'duh'?

aren't they listening?


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