I, Downloader

an inquest into
the alleged Death of Music

one of the keenest insistencies of the Industry formerly known as Music is their abiding conviction that the downloading of MP3 files
by persons known and unknown is destroying Music... 

ie - people aren't buying music, because
they can 'steal' it for free,so they do.


if this is true, then i guess those Artists who have the most music files posted among the 'pirates' are the most sought after and
ipso facto, likely to be "the most downloaded".

so if downloading does fuck Artists, these Artists might well be among the most fucked.

feeling most keenly all the professional pain that evil uploaders and their familiars, the downloaders have it in their power to inflict...

... especially if they happened to be older  senior Artists, whose tired bones may not be up to the rigours of the road anymore...


i suggest that this is complete bullshit.

i suggest this very thesis illustrates just how tragically far from the loop Music Industry
hipsters really are...

which is to say, almost as far their acolytes - many of whom self-describe as musicians and/or Artists.

illustration - dugg

i suggest both groups are out of touch with what they do, why they do it and who they do it to for...

further, i accuse them of violating one of the cardinal sins of show business, since time immemorial...

believing their own press kit.


...because based on what i've seen and heard
the last few years online and off, if downloading really kills the musical stars, then these are some
of the acts that should be as dead, dead, dead
as dead can be...

the Rolling Stones

Led Zeppelin

Pink Floyd

Bob Dylan

Neil Young

and of course,

the Dead



hi, my name is Dugg,
and i am a music downloader.

welcome to a tale so fraught with irony,
perhaps only a Canadian could tell it.

- the inquiry continues
with part 2- Cocksucker Blues


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