Artists should be paid for their work?

one of the core catechisms of the current copyright situation is "Artists should be paid for their work".

among Artists, there is  certainly consensus on this point and, in the way of these things, the Industry is more than happy to use this consensus to not simply push their agenda, but cover it up altogether.

"Artists should be paid for their work".

it's beautiful. in just 7 words, it lays claim to a pure moral high ground and occupies it.

even better, it sounds like it means something.

which i guess it does to some people. 

but as someone working to bring musicians and audiences together, and creating digital content, i think this dog don't hunt.

it's a Hallmark moment that butters no parsnips, because it fails to answer one of the fundamental musical questions of all time...


how much is that doggie
in the window?


Artists should be paid for their work?


so should Moms.

so should the wounded veterans
from our armed forces.

so should their families.

get in line.

and while you're waiting,
read this.

- 30 -


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