Download This (2)

Like love and good health and other really important things in life, music can be truly be said to be priceless. But if one is going to sell and/or buy things, a price must be set and accepted by the parties involved in the transaction.

The same can be said about legal proceedings. If one is claiming a loss, and seeking restitution through the courts, a value must be set on that loss so a successful plaintiff can be compensated appropriately.

In the first installment of Download This, it was argued that based on the price of a song at Itunes, the typical Ipod user had the equivalent of a Lexus in their pocket.

This infographic from Cracked.com extrapolates a very different financial situation. In this case, the RIAA has valued a song at $382,353, with truly astonishing financial results...

Once removed from the realm of the priceless, music, it seems, can give new meaning to the phrase 'funny business'.


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