Is it time to defend our rights?

Copyright is not the only thing that matters online, says Bill Thompson

John Young is a brave and tenacious man, an architect based in New York whose website, cryptome.org, has been a safe online repository for documents that someone, somewhere does not want published.

Since 1996 he has resisted pressure from governments, companies and individuals, using the strong protection against prior restraint provided by the US Bill of Rights to publish information about secret surveillance, spying, war crimes and many other topics.

Thanks to a robust policy on the part of his current internet service provider, his site has remained online despite the best efforts of those who are embarrassed by its contents.
Until last month, that is, when cryptome.org disappeared from the internet after Network Solutions disabled access to the site's domain.
Mr Young had not revealed military secrets that put the lives of soldiers at risk, or published the finer details of Britain's nuclear deterrent capability. 

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