Love hurts

Whenever I spend a few hours clicking around the web reading about music music and The War on Sharing, I end up feeling like an anorexic Big Daddy in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, sputtering away about how I cannot abide "mendacity!"

I was at the RIAA website tonight
http://www.riaa.com/index.php, reading around and then I came to "Piracy pages".
And I quote...

"It's commonly known as piracy, but it's a too benign term that doesn't even begin to adequately describe the toll that music theft takes on the many artists, songwriters, musicians, record label employees and others..."

Oh, the humanity.

But it's not the see me, feel me, trauma mama melodrama that ticks me off. Much. They probably believe it. Easy money slipping away could be more damaging on the day to day than the "whatever" of encountering organized, desperate people at sea, armed with guns and machetes, with nothing to lose.

The mendacity rises from the way they pimp this "We feel their pain" so far and so wide, while meanwhile, in another courtroom down the hall...

That's right.


Eminem: poor kid from troubled home
tries to make good.

February 2009
Eminem Sues Record Label Over iTunes Royalties
…If the rapper is successful, the case could mean recording artists gain more money from each song digitally sold. A court victory could increase artists’ share of each 99-cent sold on iTunes to 35-cents, up from the current 20-cents, according to the report….

"Talk to the

March 2009

Timbaland Sues Record Label
Timbaland alleges Blackground went on a McCarthy-esque search-and-destroy campaign, contacting various record labels and giving them a million reasons why they shouldn't hire Timbaland to produce songs. To add insult to injury, Timbaland claims Blackground also stiffed him out of serious cash. Now, he wants out of the contract and unspecified damages.

The young Floyds in happier days, signing their first contract.

April 2009

Pink Floyd to sue record label over payments
The band will be suing t heir record label EMI because it miscalculated royalties owed to them from their back catalogue, reports The Daily Star.

It seems not even
a poor old widow lady
is safe from these people.

June 2009

Cher sues record label
The Believe hitmaker filed a suit against Universal Music Group (UMG) in Los Angeles Superior Court claiming bosses "engaged in wrongful tactics" to hide money owed to her.



Pink Floyd


These people have sold some product. Shifted units. These people have people, whose job it is to watch for this sort of thing.

What might happen to you?



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